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Real Estate
Scouts Program

Want to build your real estate portfolio? Apply to become a Fintor scout.

Why Join?

Here’s what you will gain from the program.


Make money from commissions and earn free shares of real estate in our app.


Gain experience and opportunity to grow within our company.


Work during your own time during the week without any major commitments.

Make An Impact!

What do real estate scouts do?

As Fintor Real Estate Scouts you are local real estate experts in your own communities and want to share access to quality properties to the Fintor community. As Fintor Scouts, you’ll get the chance to team up with our real estate acquisitions team to find and buy great homes in your area and get some amazing perks and commissions along the way.

Boost our mission and value

Help boost Fintor’s mission of real estate investing as we open up access by removing all the restrictions.

Grow the scouts program

Bring your real estate deal flows to our weekly or monthly meetings to see if it fits our criteria to acquire.

Lead brand events and partnerships

Connect with real estate agents in your community to grow the Fintor scout program and earn higher commissions.

Join us!

Start your real estate career.

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