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When you first begin studying the art of real estate investing, it can become overwhelming quickly. Thankfully, there are many individuals in the real estate investing world that lay out the basics very clearly for beginners.

So, what sources on real estate investing are trustworthy in 2023?

To answer that question, we’ve put together a guide to help you learn real estate investing quickly. In this article, we’ll cover the…
● Top Industry Experts in Real Estate Investing
● Best Books on Real Estate Investing
● Best Online Blogs for Real Estate Investing

Then, once you’ve spent some time absorbing the content provided by these resources, check out “3 First Steps into Real Estate Investing.”

Top Industry Experts in Real Estate Investing

In 2022, there are thousands of self-proclaimed real estate investors on social media. The first distinction to make when looking for a social media mentor is determining if they are in fact a “real estate investor” or a “real estate agent.”
You can gather a lot of amazing information from a real estate agent, but they are not always investors. Real estate agents usually have a good understanding of what is required to make a deal or the state of the market. Investors are those that purchase property using their own (or sometimes other people’s) money, then rent it out to tenants.

John Burns

John is the CEO of John Burns Real Estate Consulting and a LinkedIn influencer focused on real estate industry research. If you’re looking for someone to follow who regularly posts data that could affect your pivots in strategy, John may be someone to add to your list. His company also offers a newsletter which is full of real estate investing gold!

Jake Leicht (@jakeleicht)

Jake Leicht is a real estate investor who is very active on social media. He creates content for real estate investors that want to successfully flip homes with other people’s money. He also provides one-on-one mentorship via application – definitely check him out!

Robert Kiyosaki – (@therealkiyosaki)

If you’re new to real estate investing, it’s only a matter of time before someone recommends Rich Dad, Poor Dad (1997) by Robert Kiyosaki. The self proclaimed “Rich Dad” is also on social media and provides free webinars on a regular basis. His content is great for new real estate investors looking for a mindset shift.

Dustin Heiner – (@thedustinheiner)

Dustin Heiner is the host of the Master Passive Income podcast, one of the most informative podcasts on real estate investing. He is also on social media and shares regular content about the various real estate investing strategies. The Master Passive Income blog is also a must-read for aspiring investors.

Clayton Morris – (@claytonmorris)

Clayton isn’t so much a social media guy. He mainly uses his podcast–”Investing in Real Estate with Clayton Morris”–and YouTube channel to talk to his followers. He provides engaging breakdowns of real estate investing terminology and tax information.

Clayton also has a more general investing Youtube channel that you can check out if you want to learn more about stock and other asset classes.

David Dodge – (@davidalandodge)

David is a social media content creator that shares a ton of information on house flipping and real estate investing with other people’s money. He even wrote a book, The BRRRR Method: Build a Rental Empire With Nothing Out Of Pocket. If you like very simple and clear content on real estate investing, add David Dodge to the list of people you follow and see his beneficial content on your feed.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

by Robert Kiyosaki

Rich Dad, Poor Dad is a great read for new investors and those wishing to adjust their mindset on investing. Kiyosaki delves into the mindsets of the rich, as well as provides real examples (though with numbers from the 1990s) of his real estate investing journey.

Rental Property Investing

by Brandon Turner

Brandon Turner of BiggerPockets is an active real estate investor and wrote this amazing guide to rental properties. This book is for the aspiring investors who want to be hands off while bringing in a passive income. Turner walks through the basics of financing investments and reducing taxes owed.

The BRRRR Method: Build a Rental Empire With Nothing Out Of Pocket

by David Dodge and Mike Slane

David and Mike are some of the most engaging social media influencers in the BRRRR and house flipping space, and provide some great foundational knowledge on the topic in their book. This is a great recommendation for those investors who want to learn how to invest in real estate using the BRRRR strategy.

Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing

by Michael Blank

Michael provides a no-nonsense overview of real estate investing for beginners who want to break free from the rat race. Michael is a real estate investor specializing in apartment buildings, so you’ll learn about multifamily real estate investing from one of the best investors in this space.

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor

by Gary Keller

This book isn’t just an overview of real estate investing, but a summary of interviews with over 100 millionaire real estate investors. Keller shares how to identify deals, how to land deals, and how to build your “dream team.” This is a great book for those wanting some encouragement to get started in real estate investing.

Best Online Blogs for Real Estate Investing


Investopedia is one of the top sources for clearly written real estate investment overviews. If you do a single Google search for any real estate topic, Investopedia will likely be in the top search results. They seem to write about everything related to real estate investing, making them worth a bookmark on your favorites bar.


BiggerPockets is a publishing company, a podcast, an online blog, a social media brand, forums, and a great resource for new real estate investors. You can spend all day getting lost down the rabbit hole with BiggerPockets’ list of resources. With dozens of books on real estate investing, they’re establishing themselves as leaders in the real estate investment space


Want to learn more about Real Estate Investment Trusts? Go to the source. This online blog is a wealth of knowledge for new investors looking to dip their toe into REIT investing. Nareit, the owner of the website, is a “collective voice for REITs” to U.S. policymakers. Basically, their whole purpose is to educate individuals about REITs and the benefits they bring to Americans.

Master Passive Income

Dustin Heiner is a real estate investor, podcaster, social media influencer, and author in the real estate investment world. His blog is full of great information, but he also provides one-on-one coaching, group coaching, courses, and more. He regularly interviews other experts in real estate investing and touches on some of the hardest hurdles you’ll undertake as a real estate

Millennial Money

Millennial Money is an online blog written by Grant Sabatier, a millennial who managed to retire at age 30. He shares information on investing, personal finance, and real estate. These articles are a great resource for new millennial (and genZ) investors. Check out one of his articles on real estate investing for beginners – “Passive Real Estate Investing: A Beginner’s Guide.”


Fintor is a new kind of investing platform for real estate investors. We provide Initial Realty Offerings (IROs), allowing new investors to purchase shares of real homes across the U.S. We also share educational articles on real estate investing and tools within our app to help new investors get started on their investing path. Once you’ve consumed some of the content by the amazing experts, content creators, and authors listed above, it’s time for you to get started investing. Check out our article “3 First Steps into Real Estate Investing.” and download Fintor today!

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